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Reporter #1 sends in this snapshot she took, explaining that “For those of us who live in Tim Hortons country, it’s that festive time of year called Rrroll up the Rrrrim to Win!”  She also mentions that “since I haven’t ‘won’ so much as a free coffee, I can’t really speak to what this means.”

We’ll discuss further below.

Now I immediately shared Reporter #1’s annoyance at all the quotation marks flying left and right.  Then it occurred to me that if the tabs did, in fact, say “Winning” on them, then these rules are just quoting.  So I actually found the contest website (you can play online!) and checked, and it turns out they actually say “WIN.”  So if this is correct, it’s on a very technical point.  And also, it’s annoying.  Are they winning tabs or are the prizes kind of sucky?  Which is it?

Now I’d like to talk about two things that are TOTALLY MORE OUTRAGEOUS.  First of all, the chain was named after a dude called Tim Horton.  I checked.  I’m not a professional researcher for nothing, people.  How hugely annoying is their massive lack of an apostrophe in their own name?  Why doesn’t this fact bother every right-thinking Canadian?  Eh?

Secondly, I mean, I know what Tim Hortons is because I have a television and it’s kind of a running joke about Canada, like Atlanta and Waffle House.  But Reporter #1, as we have previously noted, lives in Buffalo.  Looks to me like Buffalo has to get its national priorities straight.  Are you too good for Starbucks and Caribou Coffee, Buffalo?  Why do you hate America?

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  1. Reporter #1 says:

    Well, I have since won, not once, but TWICE!

    Allow me to quote from my most recent winning cup:


    No quotation marks, no punctuation other than an M in a circle which I assume is a Canadian kind of copyright or trademark indicator.

    And we HAVE Starbucks. We just don’t GO there during Rrrolll up the Rrrim time. (Also, I like Timmy Ho’s coffee better.) We also have a couple of local coffee shops and Coffee Culture which is another Canadian import.

    Because really we do wish we were Canada.

  2. Jessica Poulin says:

    Doesn’t everyone wish they were in Canada? AND Tim’s is the only coffee place I have ever been where they ALWAYS have BREWED tea, ready and smokin’ full of high quality caffeine (no bags for me!). Once you’ve lived with Tim you can’t live without…

    PS I put the apostrophe in. It makes me feel better.

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