Not a good idea.

Written By: admin - Apr• 06•11

There’s lots to talk about here, but Colleen draws our particular attention to Rule #7, which she feels indicates her HOA is out to kill her.  I think she’s right.

I’ve been trying to parse that in a reasonable way for ten minutes, and it’s not working.  Anybody?

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  1. Verdigris says:

    That is some grade A villainy right there.

    “Your marigolds are looking a little unkempt again, Mr. Wedleyberg. I think you ought to spent some time on… automotive repair. Shall we say two hours this time? Tut, tut, language Mr. Wedleyburg. Clearly it will take at least five hours of good auto work to fully relax you. Perhaps more; we’ll play it by ear…”

  2. And don’t forget: You must keep the garage door locked at all times.

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