The socks, they are knocked off.

Written By: admin - Sep• 22•11

…apparently my uncle reads my blog!  And has submitted a picture! In particular, this picture!

This is a fun one to take apart.  As Uncle G. notes, “It should say motorcyclists,” but that in fact “No, they don’t!”  [Aside to all responsible motorcyclists: no offense!]

But in fact a sign saying “Motorcyclists use extreme caution” would also be… pretty random and inexplicable for a street sign.  I think they’d benefit from a colon or a font size change.

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  1. Shana Kelly says:

    Unless the sign is to warn other drivers that there are motorcycles scattered about in the road ahead. In which case, the wording is correct, but punctuation could still help clarify. “Motorcycles! Use extreme caution.”

  2. Q says:

    The sign is great, but your title for the post is even better. I giggle every time I read it.

  3. Verdigris says:

    Perhaps the sign is boasting. ‘Motorcycles use extreme caution,” it notes pridefully, “shouldn’t you?”

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