Written By: admin - Aug• 31•11

…unless you don’t know where your towel is!

But seriously, I’m taking a week and a half off, because I deserve it.  The latter part of this week and a half is going to involve a lot of reading trashy books and taking naps.  I’ll need the recovery because this weekend is totally Dragon*Con!

Dragon*Con is sometimes a good source of pictures, so in a sense, I do this for you, Dear Readers.  I mean, they use this sign EVERY YEAR.

Maybe this year I’ll bring a Sharpie.  Hmm.

Anyway, I’m off to stalk famous people, engage in lengthy pointless debates that feel so good, and experience utter claustrophobia in the crowds for a few days.  Oh, also, and I’m going to try to find Jen from EPBOT/CakeWrecks on the side.  🙂

I shall leave you with a philosophical observation that even the best of us are flawed.  I refer you to Joss Whedon and my post from 2008.  Sigh.

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