It’s Tuesday, let’s do a flashback. Also: Hi, Dad!

Written By: admin - Nov• 15•11

So Dragon*Con happened a couple of months ago, but I haven’t cleaned off my phone’s photo directory in a while, and I just remembered I had these.

Let’s set the scene.  Dragon*Con, for the uninitiated, is more like eleventeen different science-fiction and fantasy conventions at once.  There’s something for everyone, and for people with very short attention spans (like me!) there can be eleventeen somethings going on at once!  So I kept pretty busy.

I tracked down Jen (of EPBOT and CakeWrecks) in her now-annual Find Jen! contest and won a super-rare Carrot Jockey necklace:

Oh look who I also tracked down totally by accident, is James Marsters.  You’ll just have to trust me that the person he’s hugging (because we are BFFs!) is me.  Also, I’m wearing a Dingoes Ate My Baby t-shirt, for those of you who care about that sort of thing.

Then I went to the most fabulous sing-along of Once More With Feeling and Dr. Horrible, back to back… pretty sure I was the most sober person in the entire ginormous room.

Where DO they go from here?

And yes, they had the signs of awfulness up all over again this year.  But this year, there was also this sign, which helped balance things out, because AWESOME:

And just feet away, I found this evidence of an honorary RPB-er, out there in the masses!

But then… alas.  There was this.  I know some of y’all will probably not gnash your teeth quite as hard as I will at this.  But can we at least agree that this is a debatable point of spelling and that it does not merit the defacement of a kick-ass poster?



Confidential to my father:  THERE YOU GO DAD, ARE YOU HAPPY?  😛

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