Picking a fight?

Written By: admin - Nov• 18•11

Colleen apparently would like to observe a lively debate in my comments.  (Actually, so would I, but it would appear that y’all are just not comment-inclined, although my software tells me you are reading SO WHY WON’T YOU COMMENT GOOD GRIEF HELP A BLOGGER OUT WITH HER SITE STATS WOULD YOU PLEASE?)

Ahem.  Sorry, Colleen, back to your pot-stirring.  The question comes in relation to this Brown Paper Tickets ad:

Here is a lively debate starter… Should it be “who” or “that”? I know this issue is murky and divisive.  My two cents? Who= people, that=inanimate. But then is this people as a group, thus making “that” correct?

Actually, I don’t think this is even that divisive.  My ruling:  WRONG.  Anybody want to argue?  (Please?)

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  1. Reporter #1 says:

    It CLEARLY should be “Your message in the hands of the people what do things, go out, have fun.”

  2. Cluttered Mama says:

    As an English teacher, I would have red penned all over this mutha! People are who… Though I like Reporter #1’s suggestion! The world could us a little more cockney!

  3. Alden says:

    There are many reasons to love Reporter #1, and that suggestion is clearly one of them.

  4. DavidS says:

    Agree with R#1, but would change “what” to “wot,” as long as were going down that road 😉

    Also, on reflection, the “Your message” line needs a verb to make it a sentence. Just sayin’.

  5. Verdigris says:

    I’m more concerned about those unlucky ‘g’ characters what have had their loops cruelly sawed off, the poor dears.

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