Another one for the “probable lost cause” list

Written By: admin - Nov• 30•11

I’m with you, Reporter #1.  I really am.  You said:

For the love of Pete, just shrink the font a couple of points to get the space btw every & day!


I just think this is One Of Those Things that is so far gone we’re tilting at windmills.  Only moreso, if you know what I mean.

It’s worth noting that Reporter #1 is married to a person whose name is not Pete.  Also, I really want to capitalize the “f” in “follow.”

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  1. Reporter #1 says:

    See, the lower-case “follow” doesn’t bother me because it’s not the first word of a sentence, and nothing else is capitalized so at least it’s consistent. (I refuse to concede that the Facebook logo might be a word, which could conceivably make that a sentence, albeit one that lacked terminal punctuation.)

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