We know not whom to snub!

Written By: admin - Jan• 27•12

I’ll let Reporter #1 tell this story:

I found this postcard in the ladies’ room of the local outlet mall this weekend.

 I wish they’d managed to indicate what STORE it was for so that I could boycott them on account of their complete lack of a grasp of English grammar.
(I’ve compressed the image a little, so you’ll have to take my word for it — the store isn’t mentioned in the fine print either.)
I’m almost disheartened enough with the world that I’ll let the singular use of “product” stand here.  It might be businessspeak in the department store world, who knows.  But “button downs” really needs a hyphen and “womens” and “mens” are just unforgivable.  WHY DO YOU HATE THE APOSTROPHE, WORLD? WHY.

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  1. Reporter #1 says:

    I’d say they need a comma after “jackets” on the men’s side, too (and that’s before we start arguing about the Oxford comma). I also wish they’d been consistent EITHER ampersands OR plus signs.

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