Well, the French never care what you do, actually, as long as you pronounce it properly.

Written By: admin - Jun• 22•12

…and as many high school French students know, there is a way to pronounce French definite articles — using a certain speed and degree of mumblingness — such that one can sort of gloss over the difference between masculine and feminine, if one has forgotten which article is correct. I mean, a clever French teacher (hi, Madame!) will catch you doing it, but you can try.

But in writing, you kinda gotta know the difference.

And this one is easy. It isn’t even a trick. “Woman”? Female. Really.

Beautiful submission from the lovely Grace F. and Leah S.  Bisous!

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  1. Colleen says:

    Maybe she’s transgendered and the poster makers were clumsily trying to navigate the pronoun labyrinth?

  2. Q says:

    I like it! Definition: un homme qui s’est devenu femme. It’s certainly better than “she-male.”

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