Dad Week: Wednesday picker-upper

Written By: admin - Aug• 01•12

Today’s picture is a perfect example of what I mean about language translation leading to whimsy. There’s nothing wrong with this sign. There isn’t any reason why I couldn’t open a bakery right here in my own fair city and name it “Lovely Sweets.” I probably wouldn’t, though, and I can’t even explain why… unless my last name were “Lovely,” which it isn’t.

There’s nothing at all wrong here, and somehow it’s just delightful.

I haven’t gotten to go anywhere exciting in a long time. (No offense, CuraƧao! You’re the best!) But when I do travel, I’m a big fan of stopping at places exactly like this one. I’d just go in and eat whatever I could point at. For what it’s worth, this culinary strategy serves me well most of the time!

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