Dad Week: Saving the best for last

Written By: admin - Aug• 03•12

Fundamentally, my red-pen-y-ness is about one thing: my love of words. It’s also about my love of order, I guess, or my deep-seated desire to control things that ought to be easy (apostrophes) in a world full of things I can’t control (my sock drawer). But so much of my rage at poor writing comes from the joy I feel when exposed to good writing.

Words are beautiful. For example: Tintinnabulation. I’m sorry that word was ruined for you by your high school English teacher, but try to move past that for a minute: tintinnabulation. It’s a word that means “the ringing or sound of bells,” because we needed a word for that. It was entirely too much effort to say “the ringing or sound of bells” — and also, when you have something as beautiful as the ringing or sound of bells, it deserves its own word, you know?

So anyway, I love words, and when I encounter a word that I’ve never really thought about before I’m a happy camper. And if it’s a niche word that would have to be used in a very specific context to really work, and is being used in that context properly… well then.

So here you go, Dear Readers. Your Friday Moment of Awesome.

*Happy sigh*

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