On Bewilderments of the Eyes and other things Cave-related

Written By: admin - Aug• 13•12

For some reason I cannot fathom, a goodly number of my contributors and readers share an alma mater, which appears to be a fairly selective liberal arts college somewhere in the American wilderness. As such we’ve already had a couple of submissions featuring signage from (or about) that institution.

Apparently this lovely school has a pub-like music venue called The Cave, located in the basement a of a truly beautiful old building which has come, over the years, to have a permanent and no longer truly subtle Odeur de Party. Once upon a time this dorm was for ladies only, and it was named after an alumna whose last name was Evans.

The good news, I guess, is that Evans is being renovated, which will mean that future reunion-goers who stay there will not have to relive their college years quite as viscerally.

The bad news is self-evident.

Thanks, Jessica!

(Again, first poster with the source citation gets 10 RPB points.)

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