Written By: admin - Aug• 15•12

Y’all, RPB is contagious. It’s a fever. And the only prescription… is more cowbell.

Er, I mean, having your submission posted, so that you’re not the only one of your siblings who has yet to be anointed by the RPB.

This is why I am ignoring my personal rule of thumb and posting an email. Because I have to, y’all. You see, Heather is the only one of three sisters who has not yet been published here! We have to fiiiiix iiiiiit.

I wonder if Gigatent asks its prospective employees for resume’s?

Thanks for the submission, Heather, and welcome to the club. 🙂

Uh… Candygram.

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  1. Colleen says:

    Don’t mess with our family; we will come at you like a pack of well-read howler monkeys wielding red pens!

    For the record, I was first.

  2. Shannon (The sister who was second) says:

    I think the competitiveness comes from having grown up with punishments of “write a one page essay on the importance of…” rather than being grounded.

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