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Written By: admin - May• 08•13

Okay!! I know I have readers. I mean, there’s my dad, but other than my dad. I know you don’t like to comment and I hope it’s just because you’re generally comment-disinclined and not because you hate me or this blog. But I do know you’re out there — the software tells me so, and you can’t ALL be bots.

Those of you who know me in meatspace know I’m making some large changes in my life. I was thinking I’d like to blog. And then I thought, hey, I already have a blog.

So here’s the question: how disruptive to the RPB audience would it be if I also blogged in this space? I can tag blog posts and RPB posts separately so they’re easily sortable. In fact, for those of us still using dinosaur RSS technology (yes I will, and I will not be foiled even by YOU, Google!), I think I can sort posts so that you can subscribe to only one or the other.

Or do I need to buy a totally new URL?


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  1. greg mahler says:

    Blog away!

  2. Kacia says:

    I read everything you post, but it’s all on Google Reader (damn them! still need to find a new RSS aggregator…)

    So, my $.02: What you do here sort of depends on your intentions for RPB. If it were me, I would want to keep RPB as a more “public” space dedicated to the cause of typographical madness, and create a separate space to wax eloquent about everything else in my life. Readers who don’t know you personally probably don’t want to wade through the non-RPB stuff.

    Also if you’re sorting your posts all into separate categories so people can subscribe to each category separately, then what’s the point of having them on the same site? I guess keeping them together is cheaper, but domain name registration isn’t really that expensive in the first place.

  3. Alden says:

    It’s the hosting, not the registration, Kacia. Which is also not break-the-bank expensive, but is an additional expense so I can keep a public diary. I guess I could look into a free blog, like wordpress…

    (and I’m liking feedly. It plays very nicely with my phone and synced all my Reader links smoothly.)

    also, thanks, dad. 😛

  4. Veronica says:

    I would happily read both types of content (on whatever I replace google reader with).

  5. DavidS says:

    I’d read both or either, but probably intermittently. I have not yet caught up with the mid-aughts and started to us RSS — may have to give Feedly a try, soon.

  6. Shannon says:

    I prefer the separation-of-blogs approach, but I think your faithful fans will read it no matter what you decide.

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