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Written By: admin - Sep• 10•13

GrammarTroika Sister #1 says:

Okay, so the $26.99 belongs to Rose, and the $19.99 to Dahlia, but how much do the roses and dahlias cost?

True exchange at the nursery where these photos were snapped:
Husband: ¬†what are you doiii… (Trails off and sighs resignedly) You’re taking pictures of grammar errors again, aren’t you? (Shakes head and begins walking away from me)
Me: (mock shouting after him) it is my civic duty to maintain the laws of good grammar. I’m practically a superhero, ya know!

photo 2

You’re a superhero in my book every day of the week, GTS#1!

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  1. Troika Sister 3 says:

    My usual?
    “Hey, take a picture of this for me.”
    I point out obvious grammar error that my camerawoman has missed)
    “Oh! That’s funny! Okay.”

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