Funny story…

Written By: admin - Feb• 17•14

So I had a backlog of submissions again (a tiny one! Send more pictures!) and was scrolling through my emails posting each submission as it came up. Kacia sent this picture, so I downloaded it, like a good little blog-facilitator.


I don’t mind telling you that I spent a minute looking at this. I enlarged the picture. I squinted. I felt a little slow.

Then I noticed that the subject line in Kacia’s email had an ellipsis, like so: “This is a freezer case…”

And it occurred to me to see if the next email in my inbox STARTED with an ellipsis! And lo! It was so!

In fact, there was a whole explanatory paragraph!

…and its contents, which appear to have been labeled by someone who is unclear on the concept of what “live” means when applied to seafood. (I’ll give them a pass on the abbreviation of dungeon for dungeoness, since that’s fairly clear in context.)



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