Keeping the faith

Written By: admin - Aug• 24•09

I’ll be honest:  there are moments when I question the wisdom of maintaining this blog.  Despite my legions of readers, all of whom comment and submit daily to let me know they exist (AHEM), I do wonder if it’s worth the cost, however minor.  And occasionally I feel a bit guilty, because I do acknowledge that what we call good grammar is a very sociopolitically-loaded concept.

And then I stumble upon something like this website.  (Well, I didn’t stumble upon it so much as Leah S. referred me to it.)  I’m not going to describe it to you or screencapture it:  it’s worth clicking through, period.  And after you do so, reflect upon the fact that this person pays to maintain that domain — simply to serve as a shining beacon of truth and goodness.

Honorary RPB Membership bestowed.

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  1. Leah S. says:

    Glad you liked it!

  2. m says:

    I swear I exist.

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