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Written By: admin - Sep• 15•09

Okay, so I got this from Reporter #1, who we all know is awesome.  She helpfully titled it “The kind of Beef you find in The ocean,” which is funny because of the capitalization errors, see?  But I… kind of didn’t get the rest of it.

Turns out, after several e-mail exchanges, that this is because I’m not from Buffalo.  And it also turns out that “weck” is a thing, specifically a bread-type thing, and that (as Reporter #1 so aptly notes), “Beef on weck at a fish fry?  I mean, it’s not Lent, but … is it a fish fry or is it beef on weck?  To say nothing of the funky capitalization.”


So! We learn two things today.  One: people in Buffalo are weird.  (No offense, readers in Buffalo — in case I have any readers in Buffalo other than Reporter #1!!)  Two:  a “weck” is a roll of Bavarian origin that is popular in Buffalo.

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    That is all.

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