How old is “40”?

Written By: admin - Jun• 07•08


I… don’t even have a clue.

Written By: admin - May• 12•08

Were they going for “flea and tick”?  And if so… why?  And if not… I’m at a total loss.


MARTA continues to hate me

Written By: admin - May• 12•08

Today it’s just a little light subject-verb disagreement. What’s next??


Actually ironic

Written By: admin - May• 07•08

Maybe not as poetic as ten thousand spoons when all you want is a knife, but, you know.

Courtesy of the Houston Chronicle, via John.


Pros and Cons

Written By: admin - May• 05•08

This was one of my favorite of our dollar stores in the area, and it seems to have gone out of business (alas).  On the other hand, I will no longer have to physically restrain myself from yelling at the owner.


Genuine realistic!

Written By: admin - Apr• 29•08

This Hannah Montana pocket fan lights up with “realistic lights.” I’m not entirely sure what this means. It raises existential questions about the nature of light, and what light resembles. I mean, it isn’t like this is a toy cop car, on which “realistic lights” might make sense. What exactly would the lights on a pocket fan resemble? And WHY IS IT IN QUOTES?

realistic lights

Glasses so good, you won’t NEED apostrophes

Written By: admin - Apr• 24•08

I’ll let Kacia describe this one:

This mailing just has so much to offer: sentence fragments, the use of “Literally!” as a stand-alone sentence, and my favorite bit, the “Were in the same building” statement.  Well…if you WERE in the same building, where are you now?!  Apostrophes are so over-used in general, maybe there was a shortage when they were typesetting this postcard. 😉


Facebook: My new nemesis

Written By: admin - Apr• 24•08

First of all, Facebook informs me that I can’t have five names.

And now this, courtesy of Kacia.


And while we’re at it… I mean, I know I’m not fluent in most forms of code, but would it be that hard to use the registered gender of each member in context with pronouns? You know, so it doesn’t say “Kacia just changed their picture” and I don’t have to cry?

Makes me smile.

Written By: admin - Apr• 20•08

I have pixelated this one because I love this place.  I also love this sign.  It makes me smile.  In a philosophical sense, messing up a bathroom is sort of “littler”-ing it — you do make it cosmically less by leaving a mess.  And honestly, who doesn’t want to work somewhere where the servers are happy?


Hard to criticize this one!

Written By: admin - Apr• 07•08

Meg sent me this one. I don’t think it’s an error, exactly, Meg; more of a pun. However, it is still sick and wrong.

In a pretty funny way.


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