We meet again.

Written By: admin - Sep• 28•09

Oh, MARTA, my old nemesis.  I hoped we were done, what with my moving and not having a commute anymore.  I hoped our relationship would be relegated to sporting events and the odd trip to the airport.  I really hoped your days of appearing on this website were over.


I spotted this one on my way to dinner last weekend.  I even stopped to do a double-check to make absolutely sure the letter “d” hadn’t fallen off.  But no.  Apparently the letter “d” just didn’t make the cut.  That letter “p,” however, was special enough to get an extra helping of capitalization.


That’ll teach me to use MARTA parking gratuitously.


Written By: admin - Jun• 18•08

I’m going with CIP (that’s “crying in private”).

There are a couple things I’d red-pen on this sign if I were asked to do so, including the random insertion of double exclamation points in what is supposed to be a professional advertisement.

But double exclamation points and a tilde? Is this some hip new thing the youngsters are doing?

photo026 My thanks to Scott, whose MARTA ennui is probably worse than mine.

MARTA continues to hate me

Written By: admin - May• 12•08

Today it’s just a little light subject-verb disagreement. What’s next??


Good morning! Are you happy?

Written By: admin - Mar• 06•08

Okay, I know this is intended to sound informal and approachable. But what it actually is, is sick and wrong.

Real sick and wrong, as it were.




…and today’s creepy antidote.

Written By: admin - Feb• 29•08

I know I’m tired on the way home, but I don’t think my fatigue was completely responsible for my finding this ad deeply creepy yesterday. Brought to you by the same people who declare that “its a wrap,” this ad implies a promise of Growth. In fact, it claims that the lovely producers have experienced (or produced?) 60 years of Growth. Are they threatening to increase exponentially in size like the Blob and take over the world, creating a punctuation-free, randomly-capitalizing world regime? Can they be stopped?



Bad time for a typo…

Written By: admin - Feb• 25•08

Those of you who live in Georgia and watch local news (which probably isn’t many of you) will be aware that Clayton County schools have pretty much lost their accreditation in the last week. Governor Perdue is investigating his legal options. In response, Board of Education Chair Ericka Davis released a statement including this paragraph:

“While our SACS report indicates that not all of our board members failed to comply with school board policy and SACS standards, the reality is that with any board, the actions of some affect the public trust of the entire board. No governmental entity can effectively and successfully operate without the support of its citizens. Once public trust is comprised and children become the casualty, the best and only answer is to start anew.”

Yes, this could be a typo — and spellcheck isn’t going to catch the difference between “comprised” and “compromised.” But honestly… your *** is in the fire for running your school district so supremely badly that it loses accreditation… if there’s a more important time to proofread, I don’t know what it is.


Aww, Ortho cares!

Written By: admin - Feb• 25•08

Rayanne found this one online. Obviously, I get the missing apostrophe — but I’m also totally happy about the random assertion that Ortho cares!

Old pic, new category

Written By: admin - Feb• 21•08

I have decided that, although I’ve already shared this picture with pretty much everybody I know, I have to post it here. It deserves a wider internet audience (which I am going to pretend this blog has).

[Edit: Photo credit to Rayanne, who valiantly took my camera out of my purse, pointed it where I told her to point it, and took this excellent photo. 😛 ]

North Peking Chinese Restaurant

More MARTA deliciousness…

Written By: admin - Feb• 18•08

I can only hope that the damage to this poster was wrought by a similarly-enraged fan of the apostrophe.



Teen Commandments

Written By: admin - Feb• 18•08

This particular object was found hanging in a roller-skating rink that didn’t seem to be frequented by all that many teens. It doesn’t contain errors so much as it just generated a lot of “Whuh?” among my friends. Therefore: a new RPB category!

We had some debate about which was our favorite; your comments welcome.

Birthday 2008 008

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