Colleen burns out!

Written By: admin - Nov• 12•10
Colleen says she actually gave up circling things on this web page because there were just too many errors.  She elaborates:

Random capitalization, missing spaces, missing commas, misspellings, gratuitous use of apostrophe. Truly it saddens me to be turning them in, because their corn maze is amazing!

After reading their website, I’m left wondering if I receive my free child and teacher before or after the maze. Do the RVs know they own OK? Will I meet Othello????

(Click to enlarge.)

Feeling angry?

Written By: admin - Nov• 10•10

Q found this one right there on her television.  Obviously it means that when you lose your signal, you’ll get all… temper-ar-y.


Written By: admin - Nov• 08•10

Ernie is a man of few words, and says only, “Look what I found…”

Keep reading; you’ll find it too.

I feel like they changed their minds mid-sentence…

Written By: admin - Nov• 05•10

My father found this one in Tennessee.  Thank goodness for cell phone cameras, is all I have to say.

Y, is the question.

Written By: admin - Nov• 03•10

Nolan found this in Tiger, GA.  She said, “That would be barnyard, I believe.”

But I’m not sure, Nolan… do we have any proof that the sawmill isn’t named Barnard?

Has to be a trick, ’cause it isn’t a treat…

Written By: admin - Nov• 01•10

Oh look, it’s the same exact sign as last year.  Only this year, our intrepid honorary RPB-er used a spider sticker instead of a candy corn!

And then we found a whole new one!

Happy day-after-Halloween, everybody!

No choice is also a choice. And it’s wrong.

Written By: admin - Oct• 29•10

This one’s even more frustrating because you could make an argument for either “owner’s” or “owners'” as a correct punctuation option.  The only thing you could do with an apostrophe here that would be incorrect is leave it out, which is obviously what the makers of this sign chose.  Argh.

Written by bears?

Written By: admin - Oct• 27•10

…because it’s tough to imagine that the Federal Government doesn’t know the difference between “effect” and “affect.”

Also, we should note that the question on the left (which is sufficient unto itself) doesn’t combine properly with the phrases on the right, so we have punctuation and logic issues going on here too.

So easy to fix, so easy to mock.

Written By: admin - Oct• 25•10

Not to be nitpicky, but does this mean I can feed wildlife if the wildlife in question isn’t picking plants?

Where to start, mate?

Written By: admin - Oct• 22•10

Check this.

Apostrophe abuse… ellipsis elongation… a general lack of punctuation where such punctuation might make this sign actually legible.  Nice!

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