SOMEBODY’S got a case of the Mondays!

Written By: admin - Jan• 25•10

Reporter #1 grumps,

Verbs?  We don’t no stinkin’ verbs.


The worst part, in my humble opinion, is that there was definitely room for that tiny little bite of existential goodness.  I’m with you, Reporter #1: No excuses!  Not on a Monday!

Unsolicited advice

Written By: admin - Jan• 11•10

I found this one myself on a recent trip to a Korean grocery.  I don’t need my beverages telling me what to do, you know?  So that’s awesome.   But it gets better.

bubble tea 006 (571x593)

The “Warning: tapioca ball must chew before swallow” is fabulous enough by itself.  The warning not to eat small children is icing on the cake.  I LOLed.  🙂


Written By: admin - Jan• 06•10

My very own mother found this beautiful post, which I think belongs here.  The wording on this sign annoys me every time I see it, which is a lot.  Plus, it comes from a cool new (to me) blog!  Don’t say I never do anything for you, Dear Readers.


Thanks, Mom!

Is a puzzlement

Written By: admin - Dec• 16•09

This one is a bit more of a semantic argument than a glaring typo.  It’s still wrong.


Are they items specially-priced, as in, discounted?  Are these items special in some way that differentiates them from other priced items in the store?  Is this the only rack of items with prices in the store?

Or did we just not think this through?

Sort of new, sort of annoying

Written By: admin - Dec• 04•09

Here is a sign for your perusal.  Discussion questions to follow.

wuh2 (479x312)

1) Do I correctly surmise that “ATW” means “all the way”?


This is worse than “with au jus” or “with à la mode,” because at least in those cases I can hope that the sign authors don’t speak French and just don’t know any better.  But “with all the way”?  Seriously?

Also:  I’m on vacation next week.  Your assignment is to find LOTS of cool new errors for me to post upon my return!

Second thoughts

Written By: admin - Dec• 02•09

My first reaction to this car magnet:  OMG! So true! My rescued dog is amazing and I love her and I want one!

My second reaction to this car magnet:  Oh wait.


I know it’s a living language and all, and the proper use of “whom” is controversial and rare.  I also know that this car magnet would make me itch every time I looked at it.  So I saved myself $3!

Too good to miss

Written By: admin - Oct• 20•09

Normally I ignore those little ads on the right side of my Facebook page.  If I tried to red pen all of them I’d have a full-time job right there!  But this one was just too good to miss.


Did you catch that, guys?  Nurses are in Desperate Need.  It does make one wonder why anybody would want to become a nurse, given that they’re in such Desperate Need.  It’s so desperate that it has to be capitalized!  And that sentence fragment at the end just completes the disaster.

SUSAN WEEK #2: You tell ’em!

Written By: admin - Oct• 13•09

Susan found this t-shirt beautifying a local high school football game.  Look closely!


(For the vision-impaired:  that says “No one has ever drown in sweat.”)

I’m a fan of hyphenating “no-one,” but I know that’s not universally accepted, so “no one” gets an easy pass.  But I’m curious about “has drown.”  Is that a verb-conjugation error?  Or is it my old friend, the Southern Loathing of -ED, which leads to “can vegetables”?

Knitter’s love apo’strophe’s too

Written By: admin - Sep• 16•09

Leah S. submitted this lovely bulletin:

This is clipped from today’s Knitting Daily email from Interweave Press.  Not only do we have a misplaced apostrophe, but there’s also clear evidence of lazy or non-existent proofing in the next bullet point.

Picture 1

I don’t know… I think some people just really think you use an apostrophe after every instance of an abbreviation.  I was thinking about that this morning, while contemplating adding “Mini Moo’s” to my coffee…


Written By: admin - Jul• 10•09

Found this one in a parking lot and had to grab it.  Reporter #1’s witty reaction was that it made her ask “What Would Jesus’s English Teacher Do?”


Religious organizations may be exempt from taxes, but they are not exempt from the Red Pen.

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