Halloween sweet!

Written By: admin - Nov• 05•09

Found this one at the Zoo last weekend…

zoo 004 (640x480)

The best part is the awesome candy-corn sticker.  I love you, anonymous RPB-er!

A new lease on spelling

Written By: admin - Sep• 30•09

Dave found this one at DC Bread & Brew, and notes, “At least someone tried to correct it!”


This is clearly a lesson about why we all need to carry large-tipped, red permanent markers on us at all times.  Just saying.

Geek cred where cred is due

Written By: admin - Sep• 21•09

So last weekend was Dragon*Con, the annual science fiction and fantasy convention that draws over 30,000 fans a year.  I was pleased to note that there were very, very few glaring errors that jumped out at me anywhere on the premises.  I wasn’t able to get good shots of the one other great one I found, which was in a catalog provided by a t-shirt company, and was made fabulous by the fact that it had already been scribbled on and corrected.  So cheers to you anyway, Anonymous Honorary Red Pen Brigade Member!

But then there was this:


I just hate this error, y’all.  I don’t care if it’s a dialect thing.  Stop.

Keeping the faith

Written By: admin - Aug• 24•09

I’ll be honest:  there are moments when I question the wisdom of maintaining this blog.  Despite my legions of readers, all of whom comment and submit daily to let me know they exist (AHEM), I do wonder if it’s worth the cost, however minor.  And occasionally I feel a bit guilty, because I do acknowledge that what we call good grammar is a very sociopolitically-loaded concept.

And then I stumble upon something like this website.  (Well, I didn’t stumble upon it so much as Leah S. referred me to it.)  I’m not going to describe it to you or screencapture it:  it’s worth clicking through, period.  And after you do so, reflect upon the fact that this person pays to maintain that domain — simply to serve as a shining beacon of truth and goodness.

Honorary RPB Membership bestowed.

RPB in the wild!

Written By: admin - Aug• 12•09

Another brilliant RPB sighting on the internet!  This gem was found at lowercase L — go read the whole story!

please do not feed cat

Okay, okay, okay

Written By: admin - Jul• 24•09

Yes yes, I’ve been on vacation, which is why there were no posts this week, and which resulted in the gazillions of emails I’ve received from my loyal readers asking if I was alive.  *coughcough*

ANYWAY… I have some good stuff lined up for next week.  But for today I’m going to steal this from FAILblog, because it clearly belongs here.


An honorary RPB member if I’ve ever seen one… even if s/he did miss the apostrophe issue with “kids software.”

Bethany does it again

Written By: admin - Jul• 15•09

I don’t like to gank stuff from other blogs, but this one deserves to be posted twice.  Like the folks over at The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks, I’m really most delighted by the Red Pen conversation going on in the margins.  This anonymous kindred soul gets the Red Pen Award!



Written By: admin - Jun• 24•09

I’m definitely not the first to write about this, but I am the proud photographer of the following image.  This goes in the “proof that I’m not humorless about words” file, because this? Is awesome.  Welcome to the “Recombobulation Area.”

Reunion 001

I nabbed this in the lovely Milwaukee airport last week.  In case you can’t quite figure it out, it’s a pleasant area of benches and tables and such immediately after the chaos that is airport security.  I just love that in such an inherently humorless situation, someone came up with this — and was permitted to carry it out!


Written By: admin - Jun• 03•09

In short, the new comments policy is: yes please! Actually, that’s the same as the old comments policy, but apparently that one didn’t work, so I’m issuing a new one. I know there are a hundred or so of you checking this page daily, which is mildly impressive, in my humble opinion. I want more submissions! I want comments! How can I ever earn my Internet-based Coffeetable Book Contract if none of you ever talk? 😛


Another kindred spirit!

Written By: admin - May• 04•09

A must-read for apostrophe-obsessive types!

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