Total and utter fail.

Written By: admin - Oct• 01•08

So, uh…  that would be a big red mark in both the fact-checking and the spelling columns.  I kind of think he’s got the racism and jerkitude covered, though.


This is all over, but I pulled it from Womanist Musings, because I refuse to pull it from the sites that sort of quietly applaud it.

Buy one, get one free?

Written By: admin - Sep• 24•08

My humblest thanks, as usual, to Sarah!


Cotton, coffee, and cocoa… to go, please.

Written By: admin - Sep• 18•08

According to Wikipedia, “cotton, coffee, and cocoa together generate about 30% of export earnings” from the “sub-tropical, sub-Saharan nation” of Togo.   That will be very useful information when I place my order.


This one has been bothering me for years.

Harold and Kumar go to Bizarro Grammarland

Written By: admin - Sep• 17•08

photo031 (2)


Written By: admin - Sep• 14•08

Kudos to Mr. Joshua for introducing me to this one.  (Click on image to link to its source, the webcomic Achewood.)


Fall Festival of Fun!

Written By: admin - Sep• 14•08

Bobby Tables’s brother found this one.


Soak it in, y’all.  The random quotationing… the possibly-unattached set after “loaf”… and yes, yes, the beautiful misspelling of “delicious.”  Aaahh.

New category (again): Things that amuse me

Written By: admin - Sep• 08•08

There’s nothing whatsoever wrong with this sign, and it isn’t even wrong in the sense that some things are just wrong.  In fact, it’s sweetly right.  Optimistically right.  There might be pies, or there might not, but doesn’t this sign kind of make you hope there will be?  I loved this so much I took a picture of it, and I’m not able to afford two blogs at present, so consider this a happy bonus.


Irish pub bar or candy bar?

Written By: admin - Sep• 08•08

I know this isn’t the best picture (not sure why my camera was set on “obscenely tiny photos”), so I’ll translate below.


This is from a local serve-yourself eatery, and it says “We know… You can’t resist!  However bar items are sold by the pound.”

I know this isn’t a terrible error, but it did prove to me that my brain is stuck on “edit.”  I didn’t see the “We know you can’t resist,” hidden in that distracting green bubble;  I just saw “However bar items are sold by the pound.”  And I seriously thought to myself, “What’s a however bar?”

Of course, if they had inserted the necessary comma after “however” I would probably have posted this anyway to chide them for starting a sentence with “however,” so, you know, there’s no pleasing me.

Election-year bloopers! New category!

Written By: admin - Sep• 04•08

Yeah, there are just going to be too many of these before November.  And heck, I’m betting there may be a few after November, too — if I’d only started in 2000 I’d have some doozies.  So here you go, guys:  the third in my retroactively-labeled politics series.  Typos 2008!  Or something.


(As linked above, this picture is from The Daily News, where it was found by Julie.  Keep up the good work, y’all!)

Okay, okay. Sheesh.

Written By: admin - Sep• 02•08

I’m posting it already!

Brian found this particular iteration of this travesty at Shenanigans, and Tom found one at TPM earlier this week.  Thanks, guys!


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