My head asplode.

Written By: admin - Jan• 29•09

(And that’s a quote, so don’t even e-mail me about the “typo.”)

ANYWAY… help us, oh dear readers-who-never-comment.  Q and I are nursing major headaches from hours of profound pondering.

The question pertains to this post on a certain county’s school bulletin board:


And our question is, in a perverse, obviously troubling sort of way:  could this be correct?  I mean, if they were to accept projects after the deadline, would they not be making an exception?  And would the project, therefore, not be excepted?


Ooo, errors *and* a business buzzword!

Written By: admin - Jan• 15•09

…at least, I assume that’s what “Retails” is in this sentence, because I’ve never seen it used quite this way before.  As always, a thousand thanks to Sarah.


It really does transcend language.

Written By: admin - Jan• 14•09

I know I’m only in Spanish One, but I’m pretty sure this is wrong.


Surreal or incorrect? Yes.

Written By: admin - Jan• 09•09

Sarah says:

Poetic license only applies when the poetry doesn’t suck.  I’m looking at you, SWA.

Picture 1(3)

I don’t know, Sarah… I find it sort of charming.  At least the syllable count is right.

A small victory in our ongoing battle

Written By: admin - Jan• 08•09

Received today — some info redacted:

From: N___ M___
Sent: Thu 1/08/09 1:05 PM
To: me


Thank you very much for informing us of the “apostrophe abuse” on the billboard at Memorial.  We have actually been in the process of getting this typo corrected.  In appreciation for your concern I would like to send you a shirt, cap or mug.If you prefer a shirt please provide me with your size.

Provide me with your address or you can pick it up from either our main office or from the property office as indicated on the billboard.  Just let me know your choice.

Again thank you for your concern,

N___ M___
Director of Marketing and Communications

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