Splitting hairs. Daily.

Written By: admin - Aug• 09•10

Look, we cut it daily, okay?  So it’s fresh cut.  But we don’t want you smart-alecks getting all fussy when you notice that the fruit is moldy.  I mean, it’s two weeks old, right?  So it’s not so much “fresh” by any real definition of the word.  It’s just fresh-cut.


A tale of two signs

Written By: admin - Jul• 28•10

I saw this one and I thought “At last, an appropriate use of quotation marks on a handmade grocery store sign!”


Yes, that’s right — “Yum yum” could well be what kids say while eating watermelon, and therefore does in fact belong in quotes.  Get this sign-maker a cookie!

But then, I saw this…


I suppose it’s possible that my friend the sign-writer was making a comment on the nature of watermelon as a treat.  Because let’s be honest, if it isn’t made of chocolate, it isn’t a treat, amIright?

Breaking Friday evening red-penning!

Written By: admin - Jul• 09•10

It’s not that I don’t enjoy a fully-grown modern man invoking a curse against another fully-grown modern man.  I totally do.  It’s just that this letter from Cavaliers Majority Owner Dan Gilbert seems to also contain a little punctuation abuse.

Here’s a screen-cap, for posterity (edited only for layout).  Click to embiggen.


I was going to red-pen this, but it’s more fun like a puzzle.  How many things annoy YOU, Dear Reader?

RPB can be bad for you

Written By: admin - Jul• 07•10

Leah writes that this sign made her so distraught that she “was waving [her] arms about noticeably” and nearby store clerks had to ask her if she was okay.

I’ve “left” it “uncropped” because I like to imagine that that dude inside is totally staring at Leah.  “Awesome.”

The magic word

Written By: admin - Jun• 25•10

We’ve been so swamped with apostrophe abuse recently that I’m thrilled to post Lisa’s beautiful quotation-mark violation.  “Thanks,” Lisa!

Soapbox time!

Written By: admin - Jun• 14•10

Galen says:

This is posted above the fish tank at my school. It replaced a sign that said essentially the same thing, it just didn’t have the interesting punctuation. I will say that this new sign manages to attract my attention every time I go by (but not in a good way).


So we have the obvious quotation-mark abuse, random capitalization, and one that’s annoying me a lot recently.  I see the “hyphen-preposition” construction a lot on the web, as in “log-on” or “sign-in.”  I understand that one would want to hyphenate if one were modifying a noun, such as “sign-in sheet” or “log-in process.”  But I’m far more likely to see “please log-in now,” which I hate.  And now we see that phenomenon expanding to fish tanks.  What’s next, people??  What’s next?

Monday mental exercise

Written By: admin - May• 24•10

Reporter #1 wants us all to warm up our brains this fine Monday morning with a little puzzle.

Screen shot 2010-12-21 at Dec 21, 2010 at 2.22.13 PM



A… school of errors?

Written By: admin - Apr• 07•10

What is the herd plural of “error”?

In other news, the lovely Lisa R. says:

Park Slope Brooklyn: I sigh in shame for you. This at the fish counter at Union Market, which is swanky enough to know better.


Shabbat shalom!

Written By: admin - Apr• 02•10

Or, you know, “Shabbat” “shalom.”


Big thanks to my father, who found this one lurking somewhere in Israel!

…and lions, and tigers, and bears!

Written By: admin - Jan• 29•10

In honor of our last-ever January, 2010 Red Pen Brigade incident, Alison brings the snark:

Looks like the daycare is starting to suspect that not all the creatures they watch during the day are in fact children. I guess I should leave my pet llama at home for a while…


It might be a picture quality issue, Alison, but I’m pretty sure you’re also missing an apostrophe there.  It’s a double!

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