Is it a nickname?

Written By: admin - Nov• 19•08

I get that people sometimes use quotation marks for emphasis, even if doing so is hideously wrong.  But what exactly is going on here?  Is “couscous” a nickname?  For what?


As always, eternal gratitude to Sarah.

Sarah strikes again

Written By: admin - Oct• 29•08

I should really just hand Sarah the keys.

I’ll take “option” B, thanks, Macy’s!  Love the shoes, hate the quotes.  ;^)

Picture 1

Gently! (say in mostly-dead Westley voice)

Written By: admin - Oct• 07•08

Obviously, the management at Pizza Oz in East Point is worried that you might not be very strong.  Or that you might be really strong and break their door, so they want you to push gently?

Thanks, Nolan!


Fall Festival of Fun!

Written By: admin - Sep• 14•08

Bobby Tables’s brother found this one.


Soak it in, y’all.  The random quotationing… the possibly-unattached set after “loaf”… and yes, yes, the beautiful misspelling of “delicious.”  Aaahh.

Why mess with a classic?

Written By: admin - Aug• 25•08

Intrepid RedPenner Sarah found this beauty in the Canisius College library.  Love.

Overthinking things

Written By: admin - Jul• 21•08

Sarah submits the following, saying:

At least they’re consistent… (from an antique mall in central NY)

Which raises my first question: Do we need a new category for antique stores?


I do wonder a bit… in both these cases one could mean “is.” Tea is so good (true statement) and tea is five for a dollar. I suspect this wasn’t the author’s intent, however.

Either way, the festively gratuitous quotation marks earn this one a gold star!

How old is “40”?

Written By: admin - Jun• 07•08


Genuine realistic!

Written By: admin - Apr• 29•08

This Hannah Montana pocket fan lights up with “realistic lights.” I’m not entirely sure what this means. It raises existential questions about the nature of light, and what light resembles. I mean, it isn’t like this is a toy cop car, on which “realistic lights” might make sense. What exactly would the lights on a pocket fan resemble? And WHY IS IT IN QUOTES?

realistic lights

I’m so confused

Written By: admin - Feb• 12•08

Rayanne says she’d been saving this glass for me for months.

If only the producers had taken anything like that much time to copyedit…


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