“Just kidding”

Written By: admin - Oct• 22•12

GrammarTroika Sister #2 is back in the game with this label from her daughter’s prescription. Apparently Walgreens isn’t sure this is a legal name.

I’ve only ever seen this on prescriptions for animals before — and even then, it has always driven me crazy. My pets have names, and those names are their real names. I always supposed that it was a legal thing, so pharmacies could distinguish between their human and non-human patients. But Skylar is definitely human; I’ve seen pictures of her. So this is kind of puzzling!

Thanks, Shannon!

And other things.

Written By: admin - Sep• 26•12

Kacia took an online survey asking her if she had done a variety of things recently. Eventually she encountered this question.

Kacia says “Why they felt the need to write ‘etc.’ with quotation marks (and without a period) I will never know.” But I think we’ve seen this before. I think it’s the “Yikes, I don’t know how to do this” phenomenon, and in this case the guess almost makes more sense than other arbitrary punctuation-panic mistakes. This one is more like saying “You know that word that means ‘and so forth’? That’s the word I’m intending to put here and I know it’s sort of like ‘etc’ but that might not be exactly right.”

Still wrong, though.

RPB Code of Operations

Written By: admin - Aug• 29•12

Colleen, we talked about this earlier this week. You can’t just go around assuming these mistakes are mistakes. I mean, this person could well have been in business for only 3 years — or for 40. You don’t know unless you ask. (And if you asked, you clearly need to tell us about it.)

Also, while we’re on the subject, let’s talk about this little message:

I debated not sending it because the gal working there was so sweet. Alas, my hatred of quotation marks as emphasis overrides any sweetness.

DEMERITS! Good grief. Hesitation? What?!

Raw fish is more appealing than punctuation abuse

Written By: admin - Jan• 18•12

Veronica submits this image from Totoro Sushi, which has a linkable web page, so there you go.

Veronica also notes that the sushi here is delicious.  I guess all the applicants who show up looking for jobs and discover that this place isn’t hiring at all can grab some yummy snacks on the way out!

Or DOES it…?

Written By: admin - Nov• 04•11

First, observe the ridiculous punctuation.

Now let’s let Kacia explain why this is extra-silly.

[This is a] warning sticker pasted onto the bottom of a can of mock abalone from our local Asian grocery. Note that the entire ingredient list printed on the can is ‘Fried gluten (wheat, soy bean oil), salt, sugar, soy sauce (soy bean, wheat, water, salt), soy bean oil.’ Yet somehow from that we hopeless consumers would be unable to determine that this product contains wheat and soybeans. Unless… “wheat” and “soybeans” is warning us of additional ingredients so unmentionable that we must employ euphemisms rather than speak of them! Horrors!

It’s PEOPLE, Kacia!!



Written By: admin - Sep• 27•11

I’m glad I’m not the only one who can take an idea and run with it, mentally speaking, for miles and miles.  Reporter #1 saw this at a Tops Friendly Market and concluded that these veggies were produced

… On an industrial farm where they have to stew in their green bean filth in too-small cages and they never see the sun.


If your RPB spidey-sense is tingling, yes, Tops is a repeat offender.

It’s that time again!

Written By: admin - Sep• 26•11

State Fair time, that is!

And Kacia’s been hard at work carefully documenting it for us.  Her first Item of Business is this:

I question the amount of trans fat in the fries based on this sign. Also, we seem to be missing at least one comma. It’s like they couldn’t decide whether to format the sign as a bulleted list of features or as a sentence, and tried to combine both.


I’m with you on the trans fat issue, Kacia.  Also, I really would like to go see where fresh fries are grown.  I’m envisioning a field.  A field full of fresh french fries.

This rained on my parade.

Written By: admin - Sep• 12•11

Meg in the Big City found this just before Hurricane Irene passed through.

So apparently this was the place to party Saturday… but only if you’re not particular about spelling.

Fishy advertising at the pork counter(s)

Written By: admin - Aug• 31•11

My instincts are honed razor-sharp.  I can spot a misused quotation mark at great distances.  So I sidled over to take a picture of this sign.

Are they making a joke about lowing, which is a sound cows make?  Because this is pork, which makes that joke kind of a stretch.

Anyway, I was enjoying this sign when I noticed that by turning around, without moving a step in any direction, I could see this sign on a competitor’s booth.

So clearly we have an additional problem:  one of these signs is FALSE.

(Also, I am totally curious about what described the “meat” before they went with “best.”)

When words actually matter

Written By: admin - Jul• 06•11

Are you supposed to say “Do not interfere”?  Are they supposed to choke out “Do not interfere” in order to ask that you please, in fact, interfere?  SAVE THE QUOTATION MARKS, people.

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