Louie, Louie.

Written By: admin - Sep• 29•09

Lisa says this one comes from Louie G’s ice cream shop in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  I came up with that lovely title up there.  I’m sorry.


Quotalicious, Lisa!  But also, random-capitalization-alicious!  Nice!

We meet again.

Written By: admin - Sep• 28•09

Oh, MARTA, my old nemesis.  I hoped we were done, what with my moving and not having a commute anymore.  I hoped our relationship would be relegated to sporting events and the odd trip to the airport.  I really hoped your days of appearing on this website were over.


I spotted this one on my way to dinner last weekend.  I even stopped to do a double-check to make absolutely sure the letter “d” hadn’t fallen off.  But no.  Apparently the letter “d” just didn’t make the cut.  That letter “p,” however, was special enough to get an extra helping of capitalization.


That’ll teach me to use MARTA parking gratuitously.

Wait, what?

Written By: admin - Sep• 15•09

Okay, so I got this from Reporter #1, who we all know is awesome.  She helpfully titled it “The kind of Beef you find in The ocean,” which is funny because of the capitalization errors, see?  But I… kind of didn’t get the rest of it.

Turns out, after several e-mail exchanges, that this is because I’m not from Buffalo.  And it also turns out that “weck” is a thing, specifically a bread-type thing, and that (as Reporter #1 so aptly notes), “Beef on weck at a fish fry?  I mean, it’s not Lent, but … is it a fish fry or is it beef on weck?  To say nothing of the funky capitalization.”


So! We learn two things today.  One: people in Buffalo are weird.  (No offense, readers in Buffalo — in case I have any readers in Buffalo other than Reporter #1!!)  Two:  a “weck” is a roll of Bavarian origin that is popular in Buffalo.

Uff da!

Written By: admin - Sep• 09•09

Ah, the Minnesota State Fair.  Home of the deep-fried Norweigan banana split, hotdish on a stick, and “Pig Lickers.”  Also home, apparently, of evil grammatical gnomes.

Kacia says:

Folks, this establishment is PROOF of the finite apostrophe theorem: that if you keep using apostrophes where they’re not needed, signs like this will be forced to do without them!  Either that, or it only serves The Fairs, whoever they are.

Also, I’m baffled as to why the word “Only” isn’t in all-caps, while the entire rest of the sign is. Hm.


Oh for hideousness, Kacia!

You thought “Vote Grammar!” was over…

Written By: admin - Sep• 01•09

So I’ve been walking past this recently.


I’m not going to fault it for the quotation marks.  If there’s a time to use random quotation marks without attribution of a quote, it’s probably with political slogans.  So that gets a pass.  But as far as I can tell, we’re also looking at

  1. a comma instead of a semicolon;
  2. a total lack of concluding punctuation; and
  3. a really interesting random capitalization of “she” and “already.”

Now I could understand capitalizing “already” if they were making a play on the candidate’s name or something.  In this case, let me assure you that the candidate’s name is totally unrelated.  So…

Get ’em young!

Written By: admin - Aug• 25•09

Reporter #1 found this and remarked,

It’s a good thing they don’t teach punctuation at preschool!


But it is never too soon for you to start teaching your daughter disdain for this sort of thing, Reporter #1.  I eagerly look forward to her first submission. Mwahaha!

RPB in the wild!

Written By: admin - Aug• 12•09

Another brilliant RPB sighting on the internet!  This gem was found at lowercase L — go read the whole story!

please do not feed cat


Written By: admin - Jul• 29•09

Neither I nor Reporter #1 really even know where to start with this one.  What would we do without Facebook?

Picture 2

Double abuse!

Written By: admin - Jul• 28•09

Reporter #1 has THREE treats lined up for y’all this week.  About this one, she writes:

There is a limited supply of apostrophes in the universe, and these poor dogs are being deprived of theirs!

Picture 1(3)

Terribly true, Reporter #1.  There’s also some peculiar capitalization going on in there, so it’s all kinds of not okay.


Written By: admin - Jul• 10•09

Found this one in a parking lot and had to grab it.  Reporter #1’s witty reaction was that it made her ask “What Would Jesus’s English Teacher Do?”


Religious organizations may be exempt from taxes, but they are not exempt from the Red Pen.

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