Hoo knows?

Written By: admin - May• 10•10

Kacia says:

I’m just forwarding this to you directly.  I have NO IDEA WTF is up with the subject line here — no matter how I parse it, it doesn’t make sense!  Are they trying to make a play on “hoo” with the owls, but wrote “whose” instead?  And “look’s” with an apostrophe?!  I’m at a loss…


Hoo knows, Kacia?

It’s about Time

Written By: admin - Apr• 30•10

Reporter #1’s final submission for the week!  She posits:

…maybe the car’s brakes were broken during or following the earthquake so it’s actually correct.


Thanks for a lovely week, Sarah!

Not privy to that spelling

Written By: admin - Mar• 31•10

Outdoorsy John found this one in a restroom along the Appalachian Trail.  It’s a little tough to see, but that’s definitely a “Your welcome” lurking down there.


Personally, I feel that if you’re going to deface perfectly nice signs paid for with my tax dollars, you should at least spell your graffiti properly.

Thanks, John!

Of course…

Written By: admin - Mar• 29•10

…only what they mean is “coarse.”



PetCo, people.  A major national chain.  Round of applause.

How now, cooked shrimp?

Written By: admin - Mar• 15•10

Fellow cynic and nit-picker Davery notes,

Here’s something that bugs me to no end.  The “yea/yeah/yay” misspelling. Unless they meant “Yea, shrimp!” and “Nay, halibut!”

2010-03-09 22.07.18

Forsooth, Davery!

Actually, we took out a policy on you…

Written By: admin - Mar• 05•10

…so go ahead and get injured.  Love, the Shuttle Bus Operators.


Thank you very much for this delightful Friday homophone, Childhood Friend Katie!

A world of wrong

Written By: admin - Jan• 13•10

Look what I found at a major national retailer!


It isn’t just a one-off, either.  This sign was replicated all over the store.


Interestingly, it wasn’t consistent — at least two other signs in the store used “it’s” properly.  Perhaps said major national retailer needs to hire an editor.

Davery joins the fray

Written By: admin - Oct• 19•09

First of all, I’d just like to say that Davery has an awesome name, and I have always thought so.

That out of the way, on to Davery’s submission!


Davery would like to know “Whose naughty or nice what? Don’t leave us hanging!”

I mean, I’m not going to argue with turtles about proper restaurant etiquette.  But I will argue with them about the difference between “whose” and “who’s.”  Cowabunga!

I’m trying, here…

Written By: admin - Oct• 08•09

NOTE:  This post has been updated to include Al’s original picture, as per his comment below.  Sorry, Al!

Al found this “two-fer of failure,” to use his words.  But I don’t know.  I’m in such a good mood after my earlier complete capitulation to evolving rules of punctuation that I almost want to be generous here.


It’s possible that this is a sign for, say, a play entitled “Dialogues on the Plague of the 80s,” which is known by its more colloquial title “Hearing AIDS.”  Of course, in that case, we have a capitalization error.  So I give up.

Oh yes were.

Written By: admin - Oct• 02•09

Jessica M. has been holding out on us!  Turns out she took this one at the State Fair where she took her previous submission, but didn’t submit it because it didn’t fit “the apostrophe theme.”

Which brings us to today’s question.  Is this an error of apostrophe omission?  Of spelling?  Of misuse of homophones?  OR ALL THREE??


Thanks, Jessica!  🙂

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